Selected Projects

This is a collection of some of my projects, along with the skills developed working on those projects.

Modeling and simulation of a pneumatic diaphragm micropump

Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems Course, MIT, Fall 2018

Skills: Control relevant multi-domain modeling and simulation - fluid, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, etc.


DC-DC buck convertor design

Power Electronics Course, MIT, Spring 2019

Skills: Power electronics design / LT spice simulations

report / code / LT spice model

Cause of Interstitial Pressure and Vascular Collapse in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: A Critical Analysis
- Do fluid pressures collapse vessels, or do collapsed vessels lead to increased fluid pressures in pancreatic tumors?

Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems Course, MIT, Fall 2015

Skills: Modeling and analysis of bio-phenomena, bio-structures, and bio-flows at micro- and macro-scales


Commutation and Control of a Brushless DC motor

Digital Control Systems Course, MIT, Fall 2015

Skills: Digital controls, Analog controls, Amplifer circuit design


SCARA manipulator - design and build

Precision Product Design Course, MIT, Spring 2016

Skills: Precision machine design, Arduino

report / video-1 / video-2

2D Laser Projection System

ASPE Student Challenge Competition, 2016
Brij Bhushan, Tyler Hamer, Minkyun Noh, Luis Soenksen, Lei Zhou

Skills: Mechatronics system design, LabVIEW real-time, Inverse kinematics, Trajectory generation, Project management

report / slides / code (kinematics) | 1st place winners

Confocal Thickness Measurement System

ASPE Student Challenge Competition, 2018
Brij Bhushan, Andrew Duenner, Tyler Hamer, Hilary Johnson, Aaron Ramirez, Lei Zhou

Skills: Precision machine design, Geometrical optics

report / slides / optics calculations / LabVIEW code | 2nd place winners

Non-round Grinding

Micromatic Grinding Technologies Limited, 2014-2015

Skills: Kinematics, Machine tool design, Grinding process design, Project management

Grinding non-circular contours on a cylindrical grinding machine is achieved by interpolation of the wheel-infeed (linear) – X-axis with the work-piece (rotation) – C-axis. I developed the algorithms to convert a non-circular work-piece profile into machine C,X coordinates, along with analysis tools for checking the largest grinding wheel diameter possible, checking for interference, profile smoothing, and motion optimization. I also worked on business development. This effort resulted in a new product line of non-round grinding machines for the company.

Grind Trak - In-process monitoring of Grinding

Micromatic Grinding Technologies Limited, 2012-2014

Skills: Grinding process development, System approach, LabVIEW

Developed a portable, in-process monitoring tool measuring power and wheel displacement signatures in cylindrical grinding machine tools. Such signatures, like health signatures in medicine, help in process troubleshooting, optimization, and benchmarking. Developed training materials and trained the application engineering team in its use for more than 40 case studies spanning multiple customers across the country.

sample case-studies

Steam and compressed-air circuits - plant improvement studies

Summer Internship at ITC Limited, Guntur, AP, India, 2011

Skills: Steam and thermal systems, Compressed air system design


Alterbot - All-terrain Robot

DRDO Students' Robotic Competition (DRDO SRC), India, 2010
Brij Bhushan, Anant Jain, Gaurav Jain, Tanuj Jhunhunwala, Sanchit Mehta, Vinit Unni, Anoop Vergheese, Nagendar VSS

Skills: Machine design, Image Processing, OpenCV, GPS navigation

report / video | Placed in top 5 teams (out of 240) all over India