Teaching & Mentoring

Teaching and Mentoring

IMTMA course on System Approach to Grinding

– Teaching assistant (2012, 2013, 2014)

  • Teaching assistant for the course – “Workshop on the System Approach to Precision Manufacturing – Grinding Process”, organized by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA).
  • The workshop was presented by a team of industry experts and lead by Dr K (Subbu) Subramanian, a world renowned expert in Manufacturing Process Technology. He is the president of STIMS Instritute Inc. – a knowledge management company.
  • Planned, organized and executed the lab sessions on grinding process monitoring and diagnostics using Grind Trak™ as a part of this workshop. Also prepared the training material for the lab sessions.
  • Taught sessions on the troubleshooting of grinding issues and in-process signal based diagnostics of the grinding system.
  • A sample of the organization of the lab-trials and the experiments conducted can be found here.


Training program for new hires (high potential candidates) and their work-skill development

The objective of this program is to induct and develop interns for high-potential workforce with:

  • Substantial technical depth
  • System thinking and knowledge integration skills

The training involves active engagement and hands-on experience and education. The projects are focused upon their application for business impact.

Learning objectives and deliverables are mutually agreed upon before they come on board and are structured into 3 major areas:

  • Learning
  • Short-term projects (3-12 months time-frame)
  • Long-term projects (> 12 months time-frame)

Planning is done with a 3 year time-frame, with clearly identified deliverables to the company. Responsible for mentoring and guiding the new joinees, empowering them to achieve the objectives.

I was the first intern in this program. Now, I’m supporting efforts to recruit and train the second intern.

Training program on System Approach to Grinding

  • As a part of implementing the in-process diagnostic tool (Grind Trak™) within the company , conducted extensive training sessions at Micromatic Grinding Technologies Limited (Bangalore and Ghaziabad plant).
  • The objective was to develop a System based approach to grinding process development and process problem solving
  • Trainingswere conducted on:
    • System Approach to Grinding
    • Use of Grind Trak™
    • Grinding Process Problem Solving
    • Application Technology

Grinding Technology Forum

A community forum for people interesting in the gridning process.

A community forum for people interesting in the gridning process.

  • Established a forum – http://grindingtechnology.free-forum.net. (Now, no longer active – platform shifted to blog style at micromaticgrinding.com)
  • Objective: To create a knowledge base and a community of people related to the grinding field, sharing their experiences and thus raising the overall knowledge in the field of grinding.
  • So far, the forum has 63 registered members – ranging from professionals from industry to students and university faculty interested in the field of grinding.