Projects Overview

In structuring and executing these projects, the major focus is on the results that have a business impact while at their core, are driven by technical depth.
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Key Result Areas

Project Key Result Areas
Science Engineering Strategic Impact
Grind-Trak Development Grinding process, sensors, signal processing Integration of the Grind-Trak kit, development of data acquisition and analysis software Solution for in-process monitoring and diagnostics,auditing and benchmarking, solving customer process issues
Grinding Machine Tool Testing Theory of machine tool testing, ISO standards, Machine tool design Putting together the instrumentation and testing protocol for various tests Increased machine reliability, better quality assurance of machines, improved machine to machine consistency
Non-round grinding Kinematics, Dynamics, Grinding process, Servo parameter tuning Development of software for non-round grinding Developing core capability to enable production of non-round grinding machines
CBN Grinding Time-dependent and time-independent grinding processes and their optimization Converting process and customer requirements into machine specifications, project planning and execution Market research, development of new core capability
Grinding Process Solutions Grinding process diagnostics, System Level Process Improvement Diagnostics and Process solutions New business development


 Learning Areas

Project Learning Areas Link
Industrial Projects
Grind-Trak Development Sensors and Instrumentation, LabVIEW GUI Development, Grinding Process [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
Grinding Machine Tool Testing Testing, Machine Tool Design, Metrology, ISO Standards [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
Non-round grinding Linear algebra, python programming, non-linear optimization, CNC servo tuning and parameters [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
CBN Grinding CBN Grinding process, System Thinking, Project Management, Market Research [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
GPS New business development, End-to-End Innovation, Knowledge Integration [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
Undergraduate Projects [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]