Program Board Institution % / CGPA Year of completion
Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) Autonomous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras 9.54/10¤ 2012
XII (Senior Secondary School) CBSE Army Public School (APS) Bangalore 92.2% 2008
X (Secondary School) CBSE Army Public School (APS) Bangalore 94.8% 2006
¤ –  Rank 1 in a class of 115



Sl No. Title Description Period
1 Banco Foundation Prize Best academic record (Rank: 1/115) in the Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech.) 2008-2012
2 O P Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship (OPJEMS) Awarded to 1 student in every batch (1/600) for academic and leadership excellence 2010 & 2011
3 University of Tokyo (Todai) – IIT undergraduate students scholarship Awarded to 8 students out of all the IITs for outstanding performance in academics 2011 & 2012
4 Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking (LEaRN) scholarship Involved a semester of study (student exchange) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore 2011
5 Young Engineers' Visitation Program (Lockheed Martin Center for Innovation) Member of 1 of 5 teams nominated by Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) for winning the DRDO students robotics competition 2010 2011


Important Coursework

Mechanical Engineering (Major)
Multibody Dynamics and Applications Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery Mechanical System Design and Analysis
Robotics Materials and Design Design of Machine Elements
Instrumentation and Control Strength of Materials Machine Tools and Metrology
Engineering Mechanics Computational Engineering Basic Electrical Engineering
Artificial Intelligence and Machines Design and Optimization of Energy Systems Advanced Manufacturing
Operations Research (Minor)
Operations Management Advanced Operations Research Fundamentals of Operations Research
Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis Differential Equations Calculus I and II


Technical Skills

Languages C, C++, Python, Numpy, Scipy, CNC (Fanuc, Siemens)
Electronics Arduino platform
Software MATLAB, LabVIEW, LaTex, Simulink, 3-D modelling (Solidworks, Pro-E, Inventor), Microsoft Office, OpenCV package
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)


Learning Areas

Project Learning Areas Link  
Industrial Projects
Grind-Trak Development Sensors and Instrumentation, LabVIEW GUI Development, Grinding Process [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
Grinding Machine Tool Testing Testing, Machine Tool Design, Metrology, ISO Standards [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
Non-round grinding Linear algebra, python programming, non-linear optimization, CNC servo tuning and parameters [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
CBN Grinding CBN Grinding process, System Thinking, Project Management, Market Research [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
GPS New business development, End-to-End Innovation, Knowledge Integration [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]
Undergraduate Projects [glyphicon type="new-window"] [glyphicon type="arrow-right"]